Summer Baking Championship contestants, winner, hosts and episodes

summer baking championship

Summer Baking Championship is a competitive cooking reality TV series that airs on the Food Network, having first premiered in May 2023. The show pits 10 professional and amateur bakers against each other in a series of rounds that feature summer-themed baking challenges. From beach-inspired desserts to barbecue favorites with a sweet twist, each episode brings the heat of the season to the kitchen. The season 1 of summer baking championship emphasizes not only the flavors of summer but also the presentation, rewarding contestants who excel in creativity and align their baked goods with the vibrancy of the season. Bakers create a variety of items from pies and tarts to cakes and cookies, all designed to reflect a summertime vibe. And while they must satisfy criteria such as taste and originality, they also have to cope with time constraints and the added pressure of intense competition.

Who are the Host and Judges of Summer Baking Championship

  • Duff Goldman – The owner of Charm City Cakes and star of “Ace of Cakes,” Duff’s expertise in cake baking and design brings a wealth of knowledge to the judging panel. His artistic flair and expectations for expert craftsmanship make him a formidable judge.
  • Carla Hall: With her infectious energy and culinary prowess, Carla Hall brings a unique perspective to the judging panel. Her background as a chef and cookbook author adds depth to her evaluations of the bakers’ creations.
  • Damaris Phillips: Known for her creative approach to cooking and baking, Damaris Phillips rounds out the judging panel with her insightful critiques and passion for all things culinary. Her expertise and warm personality make her a valuable asset to the show.

Where is the summer baking championship filmed?

Summer Baking Championship is primarily filmed in California at the discovery plus Kitchen Competition studio , particularly in Los Angeles. The vibrant and diverse backdrop of Los Angeles provides an ideal setting for the exhilarating baking challenges and the display of culinary artistry by the contestants.

The production set is designed to create a summery and competitive atmosphere, often adorned with bright, seasonal decor. Well-equipped with a range of professional baking stations, each contestant is provided with the necessary tools and equipment required to execute complex baking tasks. This high-spec kitchen set-up is crucial for capturing the intricate details of baking artistry, and for providing a visual feast that enhances the show’s appeal. The location often includes indoor and outdoor settings to complement the summer themes in certain challenges.

Where to watch the summer baking championship?

The Summer Baking Championship series is primary airing on the Food Network and Discovery plus, it can be streamed through the Food Network GO app, and is often available for purchase on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Youtube TV. Furthermore, the show is available on demand for viewers with cable provider access that includes Food Network. International distribution varies by country but is accessible in several markets outside of the United States. Viewership statistics fluctuate from season to season. Ratings details can be sourced from cable ratings reports and industry publications, which typically reflect the show’s popularity and fan base growth over the years.

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Winner of summer baking championship 2023

Zoe summer baking championship 2023 winner is from  Pittsburgh and here is what we know about Zoe

Zoe Peckich is the winner of the Food Network’s “Summer Baking Championship” in 2023. Zoe is a pastry chef with a deep-rooted passion for desserts. Growing up in Canonsburg, where Sarris Candies was founded, greatly inspired her love for desserts. She works as a pastry chef at Ritual House in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Zoe’s journey in the championship was marked by her innovative use of flavors and artistic dessert designs. Her winning cake, which demonstrated her belief that chocolate can be a summery flavor, featured a combination of chocolate and mango. This was influenced by her Pittsburgh roots and her desire to challenge the conventional seasonal associations of chocolate.

Apart from her culinary skills, Zoe is keen on promoting the pastry industry, particularly in Pittsburgh, where she feels it is often overlooked. She also aims to highlight and support women in the culinary field.

After the championship, Zoe continues to innovate at Ritual House, introducing new desserts that reflect her unique style and baking philosophy, which is deeply rooted in community and creating nostalgic experiences through desserts. She hopes to elevate the dessert scene in Pittsburgh and establish a distinct culinary legacy.

Contestants of summer baking championship 2023

Here is a list of all contestants of the summer baking championship

1st- Zoe Peckich from Pittsburgh, PA

2/3rd- Alyssa Alcantara from San Diego, CA

2/3rd- Yohann Le Bescond from Ocala, FL

4th- Anrika Martin from Kingston, NY

5th- John Boyle from Philadelphia, PA

6th- Carlos Pena from Las Vegas, NV

7th- Ally Radziewicz from Syracuse, NY

8th- Kyle Davis from Springfield, MO

9th- Kristina Krause from Leesburg, VA

10th- Lisa Lu from Healdsburg, CA

  1. Zoe Peckich (Pittsburgh, PA) 

Zoe on summer baking championship emerged as the champion of the competition, known for her innovative flavor profiles and attention to detail. Her journey through the competition was marked by creativity and resilience, ultimately leading to her victory.

  1. Alyssa Alcantara (San Diego, CA) 

 Alyssa was a strong competitor, showcasing her baking skills through various challenges. She was among the top contestants, finishing in the 2/3rd position.

  1. Yohann Le Bescond (Ocala, FL) 

Yohann summer baking championship finished in the 2/3rd position, brought a unique perspective to the competition. His baking skills and innovative creations earned him a spot among the top contestants.

  1. Anrika Martin (Kingston, NY) 

Anrika summer baking championship contestant is from Kingston, New York City and was eliminated in the 7th episode. Anrika ended up finishing 4th, but demonstrated her baking prowess throughout the competition with her intricate and flavorful bakes.

  1. John Boyle (Philadelphia, PA)  
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John summer baking championship  Contestant is from Philadelphia. John Boyle who also participated actively in the show was eliminated in the 6th episode, securing the 5th position, was known for his creative and technically skilled bakes.

  1. Carlos Pena (Las Vegas, NV) 

Finishing 6th, Carlos showcased his talent and adaptability in the face of various baking challenges.

  1. Ally Radziewicz (Syracuse, NY) 

 Ally summer baking championship baker from Syracuse, New york finished 7th position, impressed the judges with her baking skills and creative approaches to the challenges.

  1. Kyle Davis (Springfield, MO)

Kyle summer baking championship contestant is from Springfield and got eliminated in the third episode. Kyle Davis, securing the 8th position, demonstrated his baking skills and creativity throughout the competition.

  1. Kristina Krause (Leesburg, VA)

Kristina, finishing 9th, showcased her passion and skill for baking, bringing unique flavors to the competition.

  1. Lisa Lu (Healdsburg, CA) 

Lisa, finishing 10th, displayed her baking talents and creativity, contributing to the diverse range of skills in the competition.

Past seasons of summer baking championship

As of 2023, there has been only one season of the “Summer Baking Championship.” This inaugural season aired in the early part of 2023, concluding in May of the same year. The show was a fresh addition to the Food Network’s lineup of baking competitions, extending the popular seasonal baking franchise into the summer months.

Hosted by Jesse Palmer, this first season featured ten talented bakers from across the United States, competing in summer-themed baking challenges. These challenges were designed to test their skills in creating desserts that embody the flavors, ingredients, and celebrations typical of the summer season. The participants vied for the title of Summer Baking Champion and a grand prize of $25,000.

Judges for the first season included notable figures like Duff Goldman, Carla Hall, and Damaris Phillips, who assessed the bakers’ creations based on taste, presentation, and technical execution. The challenges ranged from crafting doughnuts that resembled water floats to creating cakes with gelatin water features, and even included a task to make desserts inspired by the summer blockbuster movie, Barbie.

Given the show’s success in its first season, marked by high viewership and social media engagement, Food Network announced a second season, promising new bakers and even more exciting challenges.

When is summer baking championship starting?

The “Summer Baking Championship” for 2023 premiered on Monday, May 15th at 9 pm ET/PT on Food Network. Additionally, it was available for streaming on discovery+. This season marked the first for the Summer Baking Championship, filling a gap in Food Network’s seasonal baking competition lineup.

Food network summer baking championship season 1 episodes

The second season of the “Summer Baking Championship” on Food Network has been announced for a 2024 release. However, the specific premiere date is rumored to begin in May,2024. The production for this season is scheduled to begin later this year.

Season 1 episode 1

Dockside Desserts (S01, E01): The season kicked off with “Dockside Desserts,” where Jesse Palmer drew inspiration from his favorite floatie to challenge the bakers to make floatie doughnuts in summer flavors. The episode also featured a task to create cakes with gelatin water features, testing the bakers’ creativity and technical skills.

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Season 1 episode 2

Let’s Cool Off (S01, E02): In “Let’s Cool Off,” the focus was on refreshing ice cream sandwiches with bright summer designs. The bakers were then tasked with elevating a classic treat into a high-end frozen dessert, showcasing their ability to transform familiar flavors into something extraordinary.

Season 1 episode 3

Summer Fun In The Sun (S01, E03): This episode, “Summer Fun In The Sun,” had the bakers making radical s’more desserts using wild chocolate flavors. They were also challenged to create desserts inspired by bike riding, combining physical activity themes with baking.

Season 1 episode 4

Summer “Fruitastic” (S01, E04): “Summer ‘Fruitastic'” required the bakers to make a cobbler, crumble, or clafoutis. Additionally, they had to create desserts that both taste and look like a watermelon, emphasizing their ability to mimic natural flavors and appearances in their bakes.

Season 1 episode 5

Beach Day (S01, E05): In “Beach Day,” the bakers were tasked with capturing the coastal vibe using beach drink trifles. They also had to create refreshing summer cream pies, with the challenge of avoiding elimination by impressing the judges with their summer-themed creations.

Season 1 episode 6

Summer Celebrations (S01, E06): This episode, titled “Summer Celebrations,” was themed around Father’s Day and Pride Month. The bakers were asked to get creative with grill pan desserts and also to celebrate Pride Month with vibrant rainbow desserts.

Season 1 episode 7

Sweets For Barbie (S01, E07): “Sweets For Barbie” coincided with the Warner Bros. Pictures’ movie event, Barbie. The bakers were challenged to create desserts inspired by Barbie’s signature pink color, testing their ability to work with a specific color palette.

Season 1 episode 8

Bring 4th The Sweets (S01, E08): The finale, “Bring 4th The Sweets,” saw the three finalists making amusement park treats. The final task was to serve sparkler-studded 4th of July parade float cakes, a fitting and grand challenge to determine the title winner.

Cast of summer baking championship

The “Summer Baking Championship” features a team of directors, producers, and stars that contribute to its success. The directors include Matthew Bartley, who plays a crucial role in shaping the show’s visual storytelling. The producers, Sebastien Basset, Lauren Franson, Sara Van Acker, Lori Dally, Kaitlin Dixon, Devan Dror, Kathy Jackoway, Jack Lavitz, and Caleb Doyle Lopez, are responsible for overseeing various aspects of the show’s production, from conceptualization to execution. The series stars renowned baking experts Duff Goldman, Carla Hall, and Damaris Phillips as judges, bringing their extensive culinary expertise and unique personalities to the judging panel. Together, this talented team creates an engaging and competitive baking show that captures the essence of summer baking.