Hey there,

Are you here to find out more about baking beads? Well, it’s not a term you hear often in baking. However, that is not primarily the focus of this blog. As a food science graduate, I intend to bring to you the science and act of baking.

Where are my manners! I should introduce myself; I’m Babatunde. I love to watch baking shows a lot, and if you guessed correctly, I’ll be discussing a variety of other baking-related subjects. Presently, my preferred television baking programs are Halloween Baking Challenge, Christmas Baking Challenge, Gigi Baking It and so on. Do you like the smell of the best French croissant? You will learn how to bake it with my secret recipe as time goes on.

In addition to sharing my personal baking experiences on my channel, I will also keep you updated on the latest news and trends about unpopular baking tips and equipment by reviewing them, giving you sneak peeks, and maybe even doing exclusive interviews.

My girlfriend, who out-bakes me for some reason, will also be contributing some of her own experiences, so it won’t be just me. We would be eternally grateful if you could kindly let us know if it is okay with you if we occasionally direct you to our shop, where we sell high-quality baking beads.

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